E' una sventura non essere amati, ma à un affronto non esserlo più! (Montesquieu)
La Sala delle Candeline

The Frasassi Caves (Italian: Grotte di Frasassi) is one of the most remarkable cave systems that can be seen in Europe. Rich in water, the cave system is particularly interesting with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave was discovered in 1971 by a local speleological group and extend 13 kms., they can now be visited with frequent organized guided tours.

The visit can be made taking a simple walk of about 1 hour 15 minutes or if there is interest a more difficult visit can be made with a special guide and equipment. The temperature of the caves is a constant 14° C so take something warm even if it is a hot day! About 30 mins by car.

The Conero Mountain (Monte Conero Italian) can be seen on a clear day from the farm. They are 572 m high but have been awarded the name of a mountain as they rise majestically above the Adriatic sea and offer the highest point along the whole Adriatic coast.

Here you can take pleasant walks with wonderful views over the sea and perhaps see the beautiful lavender fields in spring. About 35 mins by car.

Mezzavalle dal Monte Conero

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