Il tempo à un grande maestro, ma sfortunatamente uccide tutti i suoi studenti. (Hector Berlioz)

Welcome to the rolling hills of Jesi. Nestling just above the valley, that gives its name to that very special white wine "Verdicchio di Jesi", you can find our country farm house which follows the old family traditions of the Marche.

In 2009 we made a decision to leave behind the hassle and stress of the modern life style for an unspoilt environment where we can live in company with nature.

From this dream, came the idea of creating an ecological setting that only nature can evoke, offering to those that would like to take a breather and enjoy our special food, take a walk, talk to the animals or relax by the pool in our uncontaminated natural world.

So the dream unfolded and the Zannini family created "Il Maniero" country farm house combining new ideas and techniques with traditional styles and ethics. Our doors are open to welcome you for your stay be it long or short or why not just a visit.

Società Agricola Zannini di Bellenchia Elisabetta e Zannini Leonardo s.s - via Bagnatora 25 - 60035 Jesi (AN) - P.IVA: 02429970425